National Broadband Network

What does this mean for me?

Entertainment experiences will be richer, video calling easier and connecting to a variety of devices much smoother. In the future, the NBN will also be used to deliver education services, health monitoring and smart metering.

What is the NBN?

The NBN is a new communications network to replace the existing system and give Australian homes super-fast internet and phone access.

What does getting connected involve?

The NBN Co will attach an NBN Utility box ‘outside’ your home (or in common areas for apartment blocks) and an ‘NBN Connection box’ inside your home.

In NBN Fixed Wireless areas, an outdoor antenna will be fitted to homes that are within range of the NBN signal.
Powered by Telstra
Powered by Telstra

With the Howdy dealer network you get fast and reliable broadband provided by Telstra. With the largest and most resilient internet backbone in Australia you can be guaranteed the fastest NBN connection possible.